5 Important Signs your Pet need a Professional Dog Groomer

5 Important Signs your Pet need a Professional Dog Groomer

Sometimes grooming a pet is a difficult task and isn’t possible for many pet owners so they look out for professional dog groomers.

Why a Professional Pet Groomer

When the pet owners feel –

1. Arent doing it right

2. No progress in grooming

3. Pet becoming aggressive and is becoming aversive to the grooming procedure

Why Is it Important?

Caring and grooming of a pet is a very crucial part of animal care. It provides proper growth, cleanliness, and longevity of the pet. It gives them a proper routine and healthy lifestyle making the life easier for pets and pet owners too.

The results will be –

  • Clean and lustrous fur
  • Well kempt nails, ears, and teeth
  • Happy and less – aggressive pet
  • Build a healthy relationship with the pet owner
  • Disciplined pet

Some of the signals that you should look out for indicating you need a professional dog groomer asap –

1. Fur

When the fur looks dull then you can understand that there is something missing in dog and it needs to be taken care by a professional dog groomer. Fur, regardless of their breed should always look clean and shiny. It is a mirror to their health.

2. Matter or Dirty Fur

If the fur is dirty then it is quite a signal for you to switch to a professional groomer. Their outside activities leave the fur full of dirt and matte and lots dirt and debris gets collected under their skin. This sometimes is not visible to us and can be managed properly by the dog groomer only.

3. Bad Odour

If your dog has a foul smell then only a professional dog groomer can give the dog a complete wash with a proper shampoo and conditioner. A smell which is not breathable and creates a suffocation needs to be addressed immediately. So a proper clean bath will make your dog clean and have a lustrous fur. Sometimes, the odour is from the ears as well. Build up wax might be source of an underlying ear infection causing the foul smell.

4. Scooting

If the dog is scooting very often means there is some problem. Scooting is related to clogged glands inside the anus causing some real issue to the dog. You have to hire a groomer who can see the problem and express the glands to leave the contents which will act as an instant relief to your dog. This can cause real discomfort to the dog and in any case, you can’t be doing this by yourself – a professional is needed to handle this.

Being a pet owner, you need to understand that grooming your pet is very important and it will make them stay healthy and happy. Few things which aren’t in your control should be handled professionally by a trained dog groomer only. You can search for a professional dog groomer in your locality and get them hired for a personal pet grooming session.

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