How to Take Care of Your Dog at Home

How to Take Care of Your Dog at Home

Being a dog-parent it is important for you to take care of your dog at home. It is not limited to walks and making sure they are fed well, it involves proper grooming, healthy lifestyle and proper vaccination done. 

Train your dog well 

Dog parents should take out time to train the dog well. Training helps to make the dog obedient and well mannered. This will ensure that they have a good lifestyle in front of others and for you as well. Training the dog also helps in proper mind stimulation and it will give them a richer growth than others.  Calling them out and they listening to you will make your life easier as they dont get lost easily in crowds. Well cultured dogs give dogs a sharp memory also.  Engage the dog in playtime  If the dog is engaged in playtime daily it strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Playtime also helps with boredom and reduces the frustration that develops within the dog staying at home whole day.

Take your dog for daily walks

Walking is one activity which really helps dog to unwind and connect with other surroundings. Dog can see people, other pets and even children which make them friendly and channelize their energy in the right path. This walk time allows them to leash both for exercise and their own me-time.

Clean Your Pet

When you are walking your dog or you have a staff doing the same, please make sure you clean after your dog. No one is responsible for the mess that your dog makes. Carry a newspaper or a poop bag to pick the mess and throw in the dustbin.

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming, as discussed earlier, is a very important part of animal care. It gives them healthy and safe lifestyle. Brushing, cleaning ears, nail trimming, nose trimming all comes within grooming session. It can be done at home or by a professional, as decided by the dog-owner.

Routine Doctor Visits

Dog owner should make a routine to visit doctor regularly so that they can vaccinate them properly. Early detection of diseases can be made and will give medicines for any underlying disease. Only veterinarians are allowed to give the required vaccination as per their age, region specifics and health concerns.


If you are travelling, make sure they are properly taken care of at a professional dog care home and is safe. Temperatures also play an important role and wrong temperature can be totally harming for the dogs.

If you maintain all these at home, you can have a healthy and safe dog playing in and around your house. Have a happy pet friendly day!

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